SSZ-II Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope Systems

With long term reliability and customer satisfaction in mind we have redesigned the SSZ series Stereo Zoom Microscopes. We have retained the core quality and technology while improving the ergonomics, optics, and performance. We are confident that you will experience the same long term dependability and enjoy the new features and benefits.

The Scienscope SSZ-II Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope is our most popular Trinocular microscope with high performance and durability that has been proven and time tested. It is made with the most advanced body construction and technology with a single spindle zoom, modularized gears, and fixed prisms. It also uses an isolated nylon-on-nylon gear system which increases the smoothness of the zoom, reduces martial fatigue, and protects the gears from other moving parts.

System Features

Built to last
Precision CNC machined parts assembled to leading industry standards. Extends the life of the microscope and lowers service costs.
User-friendly & Ergonomic
High point, lockable eyepieces and ergonomically located zoom control.
Excellent for documentation
Third view port allows video output; makes training and documenting your work a snap.

SSZ-II Data Sheet

SSZ-II Body Specifications

Microscope Body Zoom Range: 0.67X to 4.5X
Zoom Ratio: 6.7:1
Magnification w/ 10X eyepieces 6.7X to 45X
Field of View 32.8mm – 4.9mm
Working Distance 100mm
Eyepieces Inclination: 45°
Dioptric Adjustment: ±5 Dual Independent
Interpupillary Adjustment: 50mm – 76mm
Microscope Ring Mount Diameter: 76mm
Available Eyepieces: 10X and 20X
Available Objective Lens: 0.3X, 0.4X, 0.5X, 0.7X, 1.5X, and 2X
Available Video Coupler: 0.5X and 1X

Objective Lens Working Distance Video Couplers
0.5X 1.0X
Mag. FOV (mm) Mag. OV (mm)
0.3X 287mm 7X – 47.1X 100 -13 14X – 94.3X 60 – 8.6
0.4X 217mm 9.4X – 62.9X 75 – 10 18.7X – 125.7X 45 – 6.5
0.5X 177mm 11.7X – 78.6X 60 – 8 23.4X – 157.2X 36 – 5.2
0.75X 117mm 17.5X – 117.9X 40 – 5.3 35.1X – 235.7X 24 – 3.5
Default (1X) 100mm 23.4X – 157.2X 30 – 4 46.8X – 314.3X 18 – 2.6
1.5X 47mm 35.1X – 235.7X 20 – 2.6 702X – 471.5X 12 – 1.8
2X 26mm 46.8X – 314.3X 15 – 2 93.6X – 628.7X 9 – 1.3

Packaged Specifications: Below SCIENSCOPE Packages comes with the highlighted specifications.
Mag. = Magnification, FOV = Field of View, WD = Working Distance

Complete System Information Coming Soon!

Packages include a USB or WSXGA camera, choice of stand and lighting. USB cameras are great for capturing images with a computer and saving the data to networks. While WSXGA cameras can capture images to directly to an SD card while viewing a live image on an LCD monitor. You can also add measurement, annotation, and image comparison software to USB cameras.